Path Going Through Walls


I have setup a recast graph and my character is getting good results with the funnel modifier.

I am having some issues getting though small doors in the environment. I added links to the scene, but the path (see in the image) that is calculated is going right through the wall, instead of the door.

What am I setup wrong? (the links are the green lines with the yellow cubes at the end, and the path is the other green line)


The link system is not very good right now. Links can only be created between node centers. Try instead to reduce the radius used when generating the graph to avoid having to use links. (see Door example scene as well).

You can also check the recast graph example scene to see a new kind of link script being used. It is in beta mode right now, but it might work for your purpose.


Iā€™m going to try and use the new animation links. Those actually could be very useful, however, I would consider adjusting them so it can work along with mechanim, or to not be restricted to animation specifically.

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Did you modify the code for mechanim? :slight_smile: