Path goes through an obstacle, and AI stops at first waypoint

See this project. I stripped away all my project-specific stuff and can’t find anything I did differently than the Getting Started guide. I even manually dragged the character along the path and it went right back to the first waypoint. (And the character moves extremely slowly, but that probably deserves a different question.) What gives?

My scene view:

When I got home and looked at this again, I found that

  1. It was cutting corners because I had not unchecked the Cut Corners checkbox.
  2. It is going slow and stopping (and returning to the first waypoint, I guess) because all but the first node (and the last) are at the same height as the ground. I haven’t yet found how to fix this, so help would still be appreciated.

I just realized that the scales are all x5 (I thought that was required somehow, but I don’t remember why I thought that). I resolved that in all relevant settings and still have exactly the same problems. I can post the updated project if it matters.

I developed a workaround, but I’m still curious what The Right Way is. For now I’m using a Position property instead of transform.position. The property getter returns the position of the base of the character, and the setter converts a new base into a properly offset center.


Solved the issue in the example scene you linked by setting Speed to 1000 (faster movement) and Next Waypoint Distance to 7 (it now actually sees that it has reached a new waypoint).

Apparently I did not include that in the tutorial. But the easiest way to avoid that problem is to check the distance only along the X and Z axes, but not on the Y axis. This avoids the problem with the character being a bit above the ground and thus thinking it has not reached the next endpoint yet.
Also, I usually set dir.y = 0 to prevent the character from trying to move down into the ground.

It goes through an obstacle at start because the grid is not detailed enough, so the region where the agent stands is not walkable, so the first thing it does is to move to the closest walkable node.

Alright, thanks. I’m not currently on that side project, but I’ll apply your advice when I get back to it.