Path generator does not work with Composite Colliers (2d)

So I am new to using Astar path and I found it odd that the path wouldn’t take account for colliders. After doing some testing it seems that it doesn’t play nice with the new composite colliders. Though oddly if I set it to polygon in stead of out line it works for everything that is not flat. Is there anyway I can modify and or solve this issue without having to give up Composite colliders.

Thanks ahead of time.


The problem is that the grid graph tries to check which surfaces are occupied by colliders. Using unity’s physics APIs line colliders such as in the composite collider do not show up. There is also the issue that you want the inside of obstacles to be labeled as such, but with line colliders you only know the boundaries but not which side is inside or outside. I would recommend that you use the polygon mode at all times.

Thanks for the info, the only weird thing is that using polygon colliders doesn’t always work, but this is something that I can look up.