Path for city traffic


I want to make a „city rush“ Game and I‘m thinking to use this plugin for the traffic.
Is it possible to loop path ? And make simulate some traffic jams ?
Of course I know I have to code a lot but I was thinking this plugin could give me a good and easy start up

How would you build this up ? Which option is from the A* script the best one ? How do I make clear that just one car is driving… for example a truck is stoping and the other cars will wait till the track keeps going

So many question… if you could give me a few tips and information that would be awesome.



I don’t really think this package will be the best for your project. Traffic pathfinding is often very complex with tricky rules that can often not be represented well with a normal graph. Unless your world is really large I think it is better to use some very simple (but maybe slow) pathfinding algorithm such as for example Dijkstra that can handle the specific traffic rules.
This package is all about finding the shortest path from point A to point B, however this does not cover things like a car waiting for another car in front of it to move in a realistic way (with regards to traffic).