Path fails in Player if not using cache startup option

I’m having an issue when running my game from the Player. In Editor everything works fine, I’m using a recast graph. However, if I build and run from the Player it does not seem like the scanning process works. It outputs scanning process tooks 230 ms so it appears that the scan runs. I have even added my own manual scan on startup to make sure. Also, the flag scanOnStartup was true in the debugger.
The problem is that path callbacks from the seeker will return result: error. Could not find closest node.

If I enable the “cache startup” option it works in the Player.

I’m using v4.1.12 PRO.


Are you by any chance getting an error message that says that some geometry could not be scanned because it is marked as static? Try to find that error message in the log, I think it will be there.

Thanks for the quick response!

And you are spot on, my terrain was marked static and caused static batching to occur that prevented ASTAR from generating the graph.

Thanks for the help.