Path encroaches on obstacles!

I am still learning A* Pathfinding Project.
I have a few questions!

  1. Ignoring Obstacle Edges


To create obstacles and find a smooth path, we used box colliders for all obstacles.
When I scan in AIPath, the gizmo is normally recognized as an obstacle, and the monsters also try to avoid the obstacle.
Find a path ignoring the edges of obstacles.
What do I need to fix?

  1. My game is going to be built for mobile Android.
    Performance matters.
    It is said that using Simple Smooth for AI agents increases performance.
    I looked at the documentation, is it correct?
    Simply, in my opinion, curves perform better than straight lines.
    I don’t understand… (still inexperienced developer)

I attach a screenshot of the monster’s inspector together.
thank you !

Also, you are always welcome to give us tips on optimization.

  • AI agent uses Rigidbody
  • There are usually 200 to 1000 AI agents in the game
  • AI agents do not overlap each other (RVO) and must avoid obstacles.
  • The AI agent only follows the player character from the time of spawning
    (Similar to Vampire Survival game)

It simply tries the best possible optimization within meeting these conditions and
I’d like to, but I’m still a beginner developer…


The Simple Smooth Modifier smoothes the path. You have the settings turned up a bit too high, and the paths are smoothed so much that they enter obstacles.

The simple smooth modifier does not improve performance.