Partial NavMesh generation on Terrain

Hello.I have asked this question Unity guys but got no answer.Because it is a blocker for me I wanted to know if the problem is solvable with this product.

I have a large terrain. 3x3 km.It can be also bigger as in my game I use real world units.The thing is ,if I generate Unity built-in navmesh on such a terrain I am getting error of too many vertices and indices in the buffers.Also the scene becomes extremely heavy to run,pretty impossible.I asked if it’s possible to limit NavMesh gen to a specific region of interest as I really don’t need the whole terrain to be walkable. As.As I said,I got no answer there.I found some thread where a guy used some fancy script t generate procedural blocking geometry which restricted nav mesh to some area.I tried smth like that but it was problematic as it was based on altitude limit.And in my case I need also high sloped to be covered with nav mesh.So now I would like to ask if A* pathfinding project address such a problem in any way?



Yes, you can limit the region in which the navmesh is generated.

Is it only a pro feature? Also,how is it done? Thanks.

Could you please address my last question?

Well, the graphs all have a bounds field. You just edit that and the navmesh will be generated inside it, not much more to it. It is not a pro feature.

If you are not talking about restricting it to a rectangle, how exactly do you want to restrict it.

Both the grid graph (free) and recast graph (pro) can limit the graph based on the angle of the terrain if that is better for you.