PACMAN style pathfinding? Choosing multiple sub optimal paths?

Is it possible for me to use the project to find paths (on a ListGraph full of nodes) to find more than 1 optimal path? Even if they are suboptimal? I would like to surround the player using 3-4 AI bots.

I was reading up on this topic - but they seem to have a lot of bugs and issues. And I would prefer to implement it in a much more elegant way.

Sorry, that cannot be done. To do it correctly it requires some specialised code which is not in this library.
You can fake it in a number of ways (e.g add some random penalties to the graph and find a new path).

Hi Aron,

Thanks for the response. I think I will try to fake it by using 4 points around the player’s character and make my bots target those points instead. That ‘could’ possibly give me a similar result.