Over Under Navmesh

I’ve a bridge with a player path underneath it. The path under the bridge keeps getting generated in a incomplete manner which keeps player from moving under the bridge and to the other side. How can I fix this?

My current settings are such:
cell size 0.25
use tiles use tiles (128)
min rgn size 10
walkable hgt 4
" climb 3.4
charac radisu 0.5
max slope 30
max border edge lgth 10
max edge error 2

Note, any time I increase the walkable climb past 3.4, the nav mesh then connects but in a manner that does not keep it flat but instead links it to the bridge which is not desirable.


Do you think you could post a screenshot of this? That would help a lot in determining how the settings should be changed.

Here’s the situation. Let me know if you need anything else.



I would guess that you should reduce the walkable height value.
You can check the documentation for animated gifs on what the different values do (at least many of them).
Here is walkable height for example: https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/recastgraph.html#walkableHeight

I am so sorry to waste your time.

Thank you!