Out of Memory Exceptions

When and what is causing scanning recast graphs to run out of memory? I can’t seem to figure out any real cause for it to run out of memory. I’m using multiple graphs so each one can be smaller and have a better resolution. Sometimes the graphs generated are no longer continuous when moving from one graph to the next. Any suggestions?


Use a tiled recast graph.
The reason it runs out of memory is that it needs to hold the whole tile (or the whole world if not tiles are used) into memory. The recast voxelizes the world (kinda like minecraft, but with smaller blocks) and that uses quite a lot of memory. When using a tiled recast graph, it only needs to hold the memory for a single tile at once, so that will reduce memory usage drastically (assuming you use tiles which are smaller than the whole world of course).

Don’t use multiple graphs, it is extremely tricky to get movement between graphs working in the general case (the edges of the triangles usually do not line up perfectly and then some fuzzying needs to be done to connect things, and then the funnel modifier needs special logic to take care of those edges and it generally ends up very messy, I have tried). The better option is to use tiles and use a relatively high resolution for everything.
…hm, it might be a possible feature that I could add to enable you to use different resolution in different tiles.

The big issue I’m running into is having stairs and ramps in the scene. The graph generator has been seeming to ignore it, but I’ll try your suggestions and see if there is a good result.

Wow, that improved things significantly. Thank you!

So I just encountered a new issue with this. It’s running out of memory on Computing Areas, any tips?

Oh wait, I found the solution. Had to allow more areas.

Really? Out of memory when computing areas!?

Well, it seems you already found a solution, but you could also try the beta which is a bit smarter about what areas to fill with what IDs.