Optimizing a recast graph in 3D software


I was wondering if there is any way to feed an updated nav mesh back into the recast graph.

More specifically, we exported the created recast graph to OBJ, opened it in blender, and made some optimizations. We however discovered that now we have to use NavMesh graph, and not recast (makes sense obviously).

Is there a way to feed this newly optimized mesh back into the recast graph? and have the recast graph essentially scan the topology of the optimized mesh? We need to have a recast graph since we are making runtime changed via tiles and cuts.


Currently there is no way to do that without some scripting.
In the future I am aiming to merge the Navmesh and Recast graphs so that both can use navmesh cuts.

For now, this will only work if you are not using tiling. You will need to grab the TileHandler instance that the TileHandlerHelper script uses (for navmesh cuts). Call RegisterTileType on that instance with the mesh that you have modified. Then call LoadTile (tile, 0, 0, 0, 0) with the tile instance you got back from RegisterTileType. After that, cutting should work properly.