Open Points?

What is this error supposed to mean, and how can I fix it?

No open points, whole area searched


That means your agent couldn’t find the path to the end (which would also have been logged I think).
Probably the path request was started in a very small area.
Try setting the A* Inspector -> Min Area Size to 0, that will give you a bit more informative messages since small areas will not be merged together.

I just got this in return:

Too many areas - The maximum number of areas is 1023. Try raising the A* Inspector -> Settings -> Min Area Size value. Enable the optimization ASTAR_MORE_AREAS under the Optimizations tab.

width node = 300
depth node = 300
nodeSize = 2.5

Because my terrain is a using a tile system with 3x3 tiles each being 250x250.


Try to download the beta. That limit has been raised significantly (to 131072 if I remember correctly).