Only certain objects not rendering when parent out of scene camera view

Hey again,
I can’t quite figure out if this is a Unity setting or something with ALINE, but all of my lines and shapes are child objects and the parents are at (0,0,0). For some reason, circles that are placed around waypoints and labels placed above them do not render if the camera turns to have the parent object out of view, but the lines that run between each of those same waypoints always show no matter where the camera aims.

All of them are being drawn from the same DrawGizmos() on the same object. It gets quite frustrating though, as the labels disappear when I am doing things in the scene, so then I have to try and reposition the view so that the parent object is in view, yet the lines are always there. None of them are using any sort of selection scope for these particular objects.



Are you using any kind of culling that might disable those objects? Can you check if the DrawGizmos method is being called?
ALINE itself shouldn’t cause that behavior.

Hmm… weird. I only just noticed it two days ago as I had not been doing much moving around in the scene, so not sure if it was happening before that, but I just went to try and record a clip and noticed it was working properly now, so it must have just been something on my end that got goofed.

Oh well, I suppose. Just glad it’s not doing it anymore. Sorry to bother about this one.

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