A* Pathfinding Project

OnGraphsPostUpdate not fired without graph update elements


The graphModifier functions:
OnGraphsPostUpdate ()
OnGraphsPreUpdate ()
Are not called when there is no Graph Update Scene element in the scene.
(Tested on GridGraphs both in Editor and Play mode with identical results)

A* -v 8.2.8
Unity -v 2018.3.14f1



I could not replicate this.
I created a custom graph modifier and those methods are being called for me.

I just uploaded an update which fixes some related graph modifier bugs though. Try again?


OnGraphsPostUpdate turned out to be very inconsistent. I have uploaded 4.3.8 now which makes these events more consistent and better documented. See https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/documentation/dev_4_3_8_84e2f938/graphmodifier.html