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One-way NodeLink and start point snapping to node connection issue

Hi, I’ve got a two-way road set up where cars must travel on a particular side of the road.

To achieve this I’ve manually placed waypoints and added one-way NodeLinks.

I’m having an issue with calculating a path from off-road to on-road. I’ve set the Seeker’s ‘Start Point Snapping’ to ‘Node Connection’ with the goal of locating the nearest point on the road and moving directly towards it.

I’ve found that using one-way NodeLinks messes with the Seeker’s ability to locate the nearest point that lies on the road. It instead incorrectly detects the opposite side of the road as the ‘nearest point’.

It appears that the NodeLink highlighted orange in the diagram is not being included in the search tree.

I think this is happening because the seeker has determined that the node on the bottom right hand side of the road is the closest, and ‘searches outward’ from there, but is failing to consider the NodeLink that leads to it due to it being marked as one-way.

Any idea on how to properly locate the nearest on-path point with one-way NodeLinks?

To clarify, once I set ‘one-way’ to false on the NodeLinks, getting the nearest on-path point works as expected.