Odd Path when close to obstacle

Hi there,

First of all Thanks to Aron for the great package. I use free version for prototype, but I will probably purchase the full version for the production.

My problem occurs when the seeker is close to obstacle, picture is best than words to explain :

my seeker is the mesh and the destination is the blue sphere.

I use the code found in the getting started here : arongranberg.com/astar/docs/getstarted.php

And here my configurations :

Any advises on this odd behavior ?

Thanks in advance,

Um, well. To start off with. You see those red cubes. That means the nodes are unwalkable. And you see that grid looking lines on top of the “obstacle”. That shows walkable nodes were generated there. So I think to change your settings a bit.
More specifically I think that either the ground is too far down (try moving the graph further down) or the ground has no collider attached.