Odd behaviour when not reloading scene (2020.1b)

In Project Settings -> Editor there’s the experimental option to not reload the domain and scene for a hugely faster time when entering play mode. However, getting rid of scene reloading results in not being able to generate a new graph in code (at least in Start()) unless you have the object with the Pathfinder component selected while going to play mode.

Odd stuff.


Which version of the package are you using?

Do you think you could try with the latest beta (https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/download). The beta should have better support for those experimental settings.

I don’t have access to the beta.

Right. I double checked my code.
Not reloading the scene is not supported I’m afraid.
Only the ‘reload domain’ option may be unchecked.

Not reloading the scene unfortunately breaks way too many things. And it’s very hard for me to add support for it.

Yeah, reloading the scene increases the load time a lot less than the domain reloading, so it’s really no problem. Just wanted you to be aware, good that this has been addressed.

Yup. Thanks!

In the next beta version this warning will show up if you try to disable that feature: