Null Pointer in MultiTargetPath.cs (And fix)

When attempting to calculate a MultiTargetPath from a location which has no possible paths, I was getting a null pointer on line 551:
if (currentR.node.Bit8) {

Fix was pretty simple, as currentR was null:
Simply add this check right before the line with the null pointer

`if(currentR == null) {
	currentR = ();

Pretty sure this is a solid fix, but would be great if Aron could confirm. Thanks!


Thanks for informing me about the bug…
Hm, won’t that create an infinite loop?
Well, anyway, even easier (and what I will use in the next release) is to add the missing Error(); call to the IF statement at the end of the Initialize function.

//any nodes left to search? if ( <= 1) { LogError ("No open points, the start node didn't open any nodes"); Error(); return; }

Fixed in development release (3.2.6)

Have updated to the dev version and it fixes the bug, thanks!