Not detecting obstacle when i do a scan?


I’ve just been watching a video on youtube about using Astar, i’ve setup a basic layout, i want the red square to reach the bottom but avoid the water in the middle.

I can get the movement working great, however everytime i do a scan it never detects the water, I’ve set the water object layer to “Obstacle” and set in pathfinding obstacle layer mask to Obstacle.

I’m probally doing something wrong but from what i can see in the video it looks the same?



Do you have a collider on the water object?

Ah! i thought it would be something really stupid - thanks for the crazy fast reply, will get back to watching the video now thanks :smiley:

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Got it working okay, but it seems to get stuck on the corner everytime. Do i have one of the settings wrong?

Not to worry think it was my fault, i change the diameter to 1.3 and it works fine now!

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