Not climbing terrain properly

Hey guys,

New to the asset, but I have gotten a grid working and my objects moving around but am having trouble with some terrain. I have made these plateaus and added them to the terrain layer. It looks like my grid has mapped them well, but when the A* runs it will jump correctly onto plateaus that are low enough, and go through ones that are too high it seems. Here are some images, first showing my graph:

The drone walks onto the far plateau fine, but here is one where it walks through:

The grid seems correct, I have the maxClimb at 0 and the angle at 90. I am using Seeker and AI Path on the drone, with a custom script that sets destination in the say way it’s called in the wandering example.Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.



That terrain looks veeery steep. Is it expected that the AI should climp up those ledges?
The movement scripts use raycasting to find the y coordinate of the ground (unless a character controller is attached). The length of the raycast is determined by the field β€˜center offset’ on the AIPath component (which I assume you are using). You can try increasing that field to see if that helps.

That fixed it! Thank you very much. This is a 5 star asset for sure. So much documentation and customization.

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I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:
If you want to support the asset even more, a rating and/or a review in the Asset Store goes a long way :slight_smile:.