Not calculating path correctly

Hello, again dear forum!

I’m having a problem where my calculated path is not going up on things correctly. I’m using Recast and the seeker component with custom movement code.

You can see how the player is trying to run through the ground when clicking underneath the stairs instead of walking down towards the point.

Anyone has a clue what’s wrong here?

Okey it seems like the rich AI can solve this issue so it’s something with my custom movement. Anyone has any clue how the rich ai solves this? :slight_smile:


Are you sure the y coordinate of your destination is correct at the point when you create the path request?

The green sphere gizmo is the destination so it’s pointing to the correct y.

Here’s the methods we use, MoveToDestination is called after a raycast has set the destinationPos variable.




Found the issue

I was our “Raycast Modifier” that only used graph raycasting, when I enabled “Use Physics Raycasting” a correct path was calculated! :slight_smile:


Turns out there was a bug in the recast graph’s linecast method that caused this.
I have fixed this in my dev version and the fix will be included in the next beta.

Has this fix been published yet? We still seem to encounter it?


It has been fixed in the beta version (4.3.x,
Not sure if it has been backported to 4.2.x, most likely it has not.