NodeLinks2 Issue

Hello all,

I’m currently using a recast graph for our game. I manually add some NodeLink2 to the level in order to connect some zones that can be accessible using special unit actions (climbing, jumping).
Everything looks fine until I check the graph. You can see in the screenShots that the links create some weird paths when linked with the recast graph. Is there a way to avoid these unwanted connections ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


You’re right! But is there a way the node does not create the connection since it’s possible the top of the box became inactive due to the presence of a an enemy for example.


It looks like the units cannot walk on those green-ish boxes.
Node links can only link between two regions of the navmesh that exist.

Not without changing the code. A link script is supposed to link parts of the navmesh together.
You could possibly create a point graph and place a point node on top of those boxes, then it will be linked to that point node instead of to the nearest node on the recast graph.

Thanks! I’ll try that.