NodeLink2: Possible issue with multiple Grid Graphs


I’m trying to use NodeLink2 for portals. I use NodeLink2 to detect when the seeker component returns a path that traverses a portal. If the seeker component returns a path that traverses a portal, everything works just fine. The problem is, that it does not return such a path in some cases:

I have multiple grid graphs in my scene, since I have agents of different sizes. The settings are as follows (please note the slight ‘Center’ offset of the second graph ‘CapitalShipsGraph’):

All agents have a Seeker component attached with which the paths are calculated.

If the second graph (‘CapitalShipsGraph’) doesn’t have an offset, the path calculation of agents using the first graph (‘SmallBoidsGraph’) will not return a path that goes through a portal if this would be the fastest or only path.

With the offset applied to the second graph agents using the first graph for pathfinding (graph mask in the seeker) can use portals just fine. Agents using the second graph cannot use portals in both cases.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Unity version: 2020.2.2f1
A* Pathfinding Project version (beta version): Version 4.3.41 - February 28, 2021