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NodeLink2 + different areas

I’m using NodeLink2 to connect two areas together. The AI won’t traverse unless they’re part of the same area. After re-scanning the graph(s) they show up as the same area. Is there not a way to link those grids without having to rescan (i.e. navigate across different areas with a node link)?

I think that you might want NodeLink3 as I think NodeLink2 is a grid or point graph utility
\NodeLink3 - A* Pathfinding Project
“Connects two TriangleMeshNodes (recast/navmesh graphs) as if they had shared an edge.”
\NodeLink2 - A* Pathfinding Project
“Connects two nodes via two intermediate point nodes.”

actually nevermind, NodeLink2 does work on recast graphs, quote from the documentation: “The example scene RecastExample2 contains a few links which you can take a look at to see how they are used.”

Thanks. I wonder if it’s fair to say that an agent can’t navigate between areas, even with a new connection (nodelink2) created between them?

I add new areas during gameplay that are only accessible by the nodelink. I’m just trying to discern if the only way to get them into the mix for my agents is to rescan.


The NodeLink2 component should update the area (i.e. connected component) information. However, you have to make sure to call nodeLink.Apply if you move it during runtime.

Thanks much! It might be a race condition issue then. I’ll run through it again.