NodeLink2 as Portal, how to do it?

Hi @aron_granberg!

I’m trying to do a portal link by using RichAI and NodeLink2.

But it is trying to use a link as always )

Try example

Is it has some other way to do it?

oh and if not disable agent RichAI doesn’t want to go abroad ) vid


To implement node links for the RichAI script you should subscribe to the RichAI.onTraverseOffMeshLink callback and teleport the agent in that callback. Is this what you are doing?

See also

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Oh thank you, gonna try this one :face_with_monocle:

I’ve added empty function to the onTraverseOffMeshLink and it works ))


gonna do climbings, mb I’ll change onTraverseOffMeshLink one more time

Did for RichAI some climbing using onTraverseOffMeshLink

Thought if it can be done for AIPath too? Witch links work for AIPath btw?