Node link for 2D games

I’m working on a 2D platformer, and I have a question about node links. I have thought about creating multiple grid graphs for the different platforms, allowing the AI to jump between the platforms if they’re chasing or fleeing the player. If I understand correctly the node link allows the graphs to be connected to each other with a movement penalty to the AI.

In the AI movement script does there need to be a reference anywhere to the node links for this plenalty? Also do I need to reference the node link to a jump behaviour for the AI?

Any help or information on this would be greatly appreciated.


Platformer pathfinding is not a use case that is well supported by this package I’m afraid. You can use node links to get the pathfinding to work, but there is no built-in solution for how to handle jumps and things like that I’m afraid.

This is a good point @aron_granberg . I had posted in an earlier thread regarding 2D side platform usage. My case is slightly different. I don’t require enemies to jump but to only use ladders for vertical movement. I think I can solve this nicely.

Also flying enemies, no problem.

I suppose you could check for a platform edge, find the nearest jumpable platform, disable seeking towards the player, make the jump animation and then simply reenable seeking after the jump is complete?