Node Graph Scan too slow

Hi there!
Im trying to use A* Pathfinding Project for a turn based strategy game but im getting very hight times, so i’m sure im doing something wrong…
My graph is made by nodes, becouse I want to be able to block paths between consecutives positions (maybe there is a fence between them).
My Node Graph is 50 x 50 and each time I select a different unit I scan the grid, setting the current unit to a walkable layer and others units to a non walkable layer. Its taking 11 seconds.
I have tried setting up 10x10 regions using graphupdatescene, thinking that it limit the scan to a subregion… it doenst, scan time go up to more than 1 minute…
I have tried using DynamicGridObstacle in units, but it doesnt block connections.
I have tried looking in the documentation but didnt found so much about node graphs.

I dont konw what aproximation to take, do I need to set tiles active or inactive in small regions before scanning or there is something Im missing?

Wow. 11 seconds for a 50x50 graph. I would expect that scan to take less than 100 ms, likely less than 10 ms.
Are you sure you are not scanning the graph several times?
What does the log say? It should log every time it scans the graph with a message about how long it took.

You probably want to take a look at the turn based utilities:
Check out the example scene called ‘Turn based’ (available in the pro version only at the moment).