No RVO simulator component found

I’ve attached the RVO simulator to my game engine which is moved between scenes via do not destroy. It works perfectly with my team. However, it’s throwing an error that no RVO simulator is found for anything with a controller attached to from other scenes. With that being what is the proper way to be using this between scenes. The documentation lacks any helpful details in this situation.

I’ve managed to just disable and re-enable the simulator script when I swap scenes but it feels like a hack. Please when you are feeling better let me know the proper solution. Thanks


I’m not sure why that wouldn’t work. If you are sure that at every point there is only a single RVO simulator then I think it should work. The RVOSimulator only gets cleared when OnDestroy is called on it, or possibly if you add another RVOSimulator to the scene (the new one would override the old one).
You could add a Debug.Log statement in RVOSimulator.OnDestroy to see if it is getting called at some point.

Usually a popup warns me if two are present in the scene. So I don’t think another is present. I’ll try your solution and see if it triggers something.

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