No GameObject Workflow

Hello, I have Pro version I was wondering if it is possible to have no gameobject workflow. I’m rendering with GpuInstanceIndirect so I need position only which I will fed into it. I believe the LightweightRVO scene also uses the same workflow. Reason Im not using Dots because it will be too much rewriting existing code also I don’t want to deal with unity constantly changing things.
I have few questions about it in lightweightRVO scene there’s no pathfinding mean agen will just avoid each other and move randomly, Also I read on forum that I will get path in the native array, If I’m not wrong here path meant series of nodes(vector3 position) agent needs to follow to reach the target?
As there are no gameobject what parameters I need to submit to the system to get path from one point to another(Can you link wherein the documentation I can read more about it)


You can use pathfinding without any GameObject. See the bottom of this page: