No base offset option for AIPath?

As the title suggests, so I’m moving from unity’s navmesh and it’s been great booting up but, when I’m replacing my agents navmesh with the AIPath component a very clear distinction can be made with the components positioning! so here you can see the issue hopefully with the base offset and why I would think to need one. I’m curious why there is no way to offset the component, and are only able to adjust height and radius not the base itself? Perhaps I’m overthinking it and it’s simply a visual thing… in which case I can simply scale the height down to match the head height, but still…

I read another posting regarding this here, and the solution was to edit the characters base pivot ? seems a bit unnecessary, if not only tedious? Especially since I’m working with 3d, so I have lots of models I would need to go into a 3d software to adjust the pivot, we have a height and radius option but no offset, can we move this to feature request ?

I have checked my character, his origin point is at the feet, the component is off.



Typically the rendered character mesh is in a child object anyway, so it’s easy enough to just change the position of that child object so that everything lines up.