Next Pro Update

Hey there,
when are you going to release the next pro version (3.2X)? Some of the users of my implementation into PlayMaker use the pro version, while most use the free version. Since you changed the type of some lists and attributes in the last update my plugin now only works with the more recent non pro version.
If it will still take some time I could create a second branch, though I’d generally prefer waiting :smiley: Which is why I ask, is there any rough release date for the next pro update?



The pro version is released, just not to the asset store yet. All owners of the pro version (regardless of where they bought it) can download the latest version at

I didn’t know someone had built PlayMaker actions for the A* Pathfinding Project (even though I notice now when searching that you had actually mentioned it some time ago in another thread). That’s a great initiative! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Reading the thread here ( which seems to be the most relevant thread about it, I read you don’t have the pro version and thus cannot write scripts for the local avoidance. I am thinking we could perhaps cooperate, so that I could support you with a pro version of the system and maybe I could feature your package on this site as well. What do you say?

That sounds fantastic! Working on an official integration would do much for my reputation I think :smiley:
However, the package itself is likely not ready for anything major yet. Eg. There is no error catching yet and the structure is very chaotic (primarily due to playmaker only being able to work with UnityEngine.Object variable types as Input, instead of “Path” or “Node”, so I had to change to javascript midway which only gives me warnings instead of errors if I try to cast object variables to a specific type directly. On top of this I also needed to write wrappers for pretty much all of the object types for them to even appear in PlayMaker)
So while I really like the idea of the package being featured here, I still need about a month or so to create a bug- and warningsfree implementation, I think.

If that’s alright with you then a pro version would certainly help me along the way :wink:

I have sent you an email for further discussion.