Need some help about RVOCtr

I try to add the func to my game which can make the gameObj can avoid each other and move, I try to use the RVOCtr to do this. I’m confuse about how to use it, is it dynamic ? Is the RVOCtr has a speed for him self, should i modify my gameObj ‘s speed same with RVOCtr? How should I use it correctly ? The follow are my thoughts , I don’t know is that right. When I set the destination to the seeker, I also set the same pos to RVOCtr in the update , Once I get the avoid delta, I change my gameObj’ velocity to the dir to the avoid delta or directly use the delta add to my gameObj pos, and all of the gameObj should not have other collsion like rigbody.


Your code looks correct from what I can see (assuming _unit is attached to the same GameObject).
Though, it is recommended to use the rvoController.SetTarget function instead of Move if you can.

Yes,they are attached to the same gameobj, Set Target method is better , but there was also some problem I can’t solve , I use the AIpath script to instead of my move script finally. It’s too much better than mine actually. Thanks :smiling_face_with_tear: