Need help with layered grid graph

I’m trying to use the layered grid graph to move units up 45 degree angle slopes to a platform three units off the ground. I’m not having much success. So far I’ve found that for the unit to even start moving up the structure, maxClimb and characterHeight have to be set to 1. However the unit gets stuck very quickly. It’s also easy for the unit to fall off, and it is difficult to get the unit on the slope in the first place. They normally just walk into the tower and get stuck. I’ve never seen the green path gizmo go on the actual tower. It always stays on the base plane.

The tower structure is made from separate game objects. The slopes and platform are separate game objects with mesh colliders. They are tagged as ‘ground’ which is the walkable layer.

Here is a screenshot:


I can see in your screenshot that there is a connection that leads straight into a wall (the topmost slope). This is because the grid only samples the center points and doesn’t know much about what is in between.
This particular case is a bit tricky to solve easily since it needs to know what is in between the nodes and cannot just go off the node positions. Is this a large level we are talking about?

You probably want the unit to follow the path pretty closely to avoid falling off. Check the “turningSpeed”, “pickNextWaypointDistance” (this one needs to be low) and “forwardLook” (also low) variables and try to tweak them until the character does not fall off anymore.

ah, well that could be part of my problem. I just used the same custom script I made for the grid graph. It worked fine for that scenario but it needs to be upgraded (especially as it doesn’t contain any of the variables you mentioned :/). I’ll spend some time studying and tinkering with the AIPath script and post again with the the results. Thanks for the response :slight_smile: