Need help with 2D top down movement (top down controller)

i am really kind of disappointed that 2D is not supported out of the box. I have searched this forums and i’ve seen this question being asked a lot of times, so it wouldnt just benefit me, but anyone who is trying to do topdown pathfinding and movement. it would certainly convince me to buy pro version down the line once my project continues.

i need help with creating top down script, or let me rephrase that… i would be very pleased if someone wrote top down movement script for grid graph. it doesnt really need to be anything fancy, i am just in testing/prototyping phase right now. point A to B is all i need right now…
i dont have coding skills, i only know a bit of java… so yeh i do stuff using unity addon playmaker… :confused:

i tried replacing z with y in aipath.cs script, but it doesnt work

this is my test environment right now, graph is generated perfectly, that round target is player, and that warning sign is destination. but yeh player wont move there.
link to image:


I am in the process of writing some 2D scripts. Here are the 2 scripts required for top-down movement.

or you can use this simpler script

They are not finished yet, but hopefully they should work well enough.

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@aron_granberg How’s it going with these scripts? I was hoping there would a 2D script that also works with RVO.

@Joe_Fender These scripts have been included for a long time. The included AIPath script works in 2D and has support for local avoidance.