NavmeshCut on Recast graph in editor mode (while scanning)

Hi, I’ve been trying to cut out some parts of the recast navmesh upon scanning.
But is seems that NavmeshCut doesn’t have any effect on the scan results.

I’ve tried adding TileHandlerHelper with no results as well.

Is it broken or unsupported? What I’m missing? I’m using v4.2.2 + Unity 2019.1.2f1.
Here’s a setup that I’ve tried (increased cell size to avoid long scanning):

Here’s also what cuts are set to:

Tried disabling Rotation and scale without any luck.

Recast Mesh Obj kinda works as a workaround though.
Using collider + recast mesh obj set to unwalkable surface removes parts of the navmesh upon scanning.

But its kinda annoying that with big enough volume it splits navmesh into two.
I wish there were an option to discard volume as well.


Navmesh cuts are generally applied during runtime, not during scan time.
The overhead for doing this during runtime instead is not very large at all.

Well, iterating navmeshes while hopping between runtime / playmode aren’t that good.
Because it takes time to load / unload scenes.

If its possible during runtime, maybe there’s a way to trigger navmesh cut while being in edit mode?

Currently I’m afraid there is no way to do that :confused:
Though if you are just tweaking the graph settings you should be able to iterate and re-scan the graph while the game is running. Though I know that’s not the most optimal workflow.

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I haven’t though about tweaking & saving it to the file (need to save them to file anyway).
I’ll try that, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hello, any news here? I’m currently baking mesh runtime and save it to file but it’s not very convinient. Cutter for offline scene would be lifesaver!