NavmeshCut is merging disconnected areas?

I’m having a weird issue where, apparently, enabling a NavmeshCut is causing disconnected areas on the graph to be connected. Here’s what things look like before I activate the cut. You can see an upper and lower section, which aren’t connected, and which (correctly) register as separate areas:

There is a disabled NavmesgCut on the doorway here. As soon as I activate the cut, here’s what happens to the graph areas:

The NavmeshCut is the only change between the two. The graph is now pretty messed up, because there’s no connection between the two pink areas, but they’re considered one area.

If I then manually “Scan” the graph again, it correctly separates those areas:

Any idea why the cut would cause this issue? The code I’m running specifically set the NavmeshCut component to ‘enabled’. The cut itself is relatively small, just the volume of the door.

Hmm… That is pretty odd.
Are you sure they are actually the same area? The colors repeat after a while, though it does seem unlikely that they would get the exact same color.
Do you have any off-mesh links in your scene?

I’m still trying to narrow down the root cause. I’m pretty sure they’re the same color, as there only end up being a couple of areas at a time in my scene (usually 2-3 areas in total). What’s more strange is that this doesn’t occur 100% of the time. If I keep restarting my scene over and over, some times the two areas merge into one, and sometimes they stay separate when the NavmeshCut is activated.

Again, I’m trying to isolate this, as I’m doing something potentially unusual. Basically, each level has a number of checkpoints, and as you reach a checkpoint I’m readjusting the bounds of the recast graph and rescanning it. It’s possible that’s adding to the complexity. I do have a dozen or so NodeLink2s in the scene.

I’ll follow up if I find a way to very cleanly isolate this.

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