NavmeshCut does not account for Character Radius

Version: astarpathfindingproject_master_pro_dev_4_3_34_f1547300

My levels have various objects that can be destroyed. I scan the graph without these objects, then rely on NavmeshCut to cut holes in the graph.

Using NavmeshCut, you can see in the screenshot the cut follows the collider very precisely.


If I instead call Scan(), Character Radius is accounted for and gives some margin.

In the first case, the AI commonly get stuck as they clip corners.

Is there a way to have NavmeshCut account for Character Radius, such that the end result is identical to calling Scan? I’m anticipating your suggestion is to have my code increase the size of the cut region. However, in such a case the default behavior means other users would have the same problem I had, and a better default would be to automatically account for Character Radius.