NavMeshAgent.stoppingDistance for AStar

There is a NavMeshAgent.stoppingDistance value that can be accessed in code for the navmeshagent of Unity.

I see a “endReachedDistance” in the inspector for RichAI but it’s not accessible in code and I don’t think it quite does the same thing. How can I make my characters stop at a custom distance from the target by code?

I want to replicate exactly the behaviour from a unit I had created with the standard NavMeshAgent’s component (the teal unit). Overall I’m having a harder time with rotations, and with stopping distance.
The yellow unit is using Astar.

Basically, the problems I identified with an astar unit is this:

  • sometimes the astar unit goes back on its track
  • it rotates awkwardly compared to NavMeshAgent, especially when groups are involved. (I am going to try RVOcontroller next)

Any pointers as to what could be wrong?