Navmesh scan for simple box colliders

Hello, first time asking a question here.

I have a 2.5D game and I’m using colliders for boundaries (so no mesh).
I try to scan the area but

  • The top of the walls are walkable (see upper circle on picture)
  • There are some cutouts not done OK (see lower circle on picture, both walls have navmesh cut)

Can you please help me figure this out?


As for (1). You can use a recast mesh obj component to mark the surface as unwalkable.

As for (2). It’s a bit hard to see, is that really inside the cut volume? Note that navmesh cuts are only applied during runtime, not in edit mode.

Hello I’m attaching a new picture where you can see that in the inside of a Collider is marked as a walking area
I’ve also added the component that you suggested on the wall and I’m still having the same problem

I also added that nav mesh cut component and I still have the same results

Ah. In the current version, colliders are not treated as solid by the recast graph. This has been changed in the beta version, though. If you use the beta, all convex colliders are solid by default.

Though, I’m not sure why the navmesh cut is not working for you… That really should be cutting the navmesh (assuming the height field is high enough).

I finally was able to do it using just colliders and not meshes.
Thanks for your support.

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