Navmesh On Procedural Moving Planet

I am trying to setup a procedural planet based world. I would like the world to rotate, and perhaps even orbit a sun.

I have gotten the navmesh graph to generate at runtime on a stationary planet, but I cannot get pathfinding to work.
I have tried to follow the tutorial here:

The AIPathAlignToSurface component mentioned in the tutorial does not exist? Do I need the old spherical beta example?

Also are there any differences to get ground movement working on a navmesh?
I noticed the example scene uses recast graph, but as I understand it that does notwork on a sphere.

Yeah, that script only exist in that beta project.

For a moving planet, I think your best option is to use the same approach as in the example scene called ‘Moving’. I.e. you don’t actually move the graph, but instead you pretend that it is moving. Essentially whenever it needs to access the coordinates of the path, it transforms them from graph coordinates to wherever the planet is right now using a matrix multiplication (and vice versa). You would have to make some changes to the AIPathAlignToSurface script to handle this, but essentially the same technique should work.