Navmesh on a hilly terrain

I am pretty new to the pathfinding project and was wondering if I should buy the pro version.
My scene is made up of a large hilly terrain and is mostly open space. Would the recast navmesh ignore the hight differences (as I want) or will it create a bunch of unnecessary nodes.
I have tried using the grid but it keeps giving me the error that it can’t find a node close enough to the end position.
I would love to use generated navmeshes instead because it saves a lot of memory.


It will for the most part ignore height differences as those are better handled using physics.
I do however recommend that you use tiles in your recast graph with a tile size that is not too large because having very large triangles in a graph can reduce path quality.

Are you sure the grid is walkable? (i.e does it look ok in the scene view?)
Are you sure you are not trying to request a path between two regions that are not reachable from each other?

99% of my grid are walkable and it is still giving me the error. They are all walkable and it does not give me the error all the time. It usually happens when i click nearby the unit. If i spamclick it at last give me a path but it goes down the wrong way and after 10 tiles or so it turnes back and moves to the right point.


Are you sure your characters are excluded from the height testing and collision testing layer masks? A common mistake is that the characters are included in one of those masks and the grid generates a node of the head of the characters.

the tiles where the units are standing are walkable when i generate the map. How do you test if the units are excluded from the masks


You would check if the Grid Graph settings -> Height Testing -> Maks included any layer which your characters use.

Do you think you could send me a screenshot of your graph with your units on? Also preferably mark where you are trying to make the units move to.