NavMesh modelling for 2D Game (using Tiled2Unity)


I’m just starting to use A* Pathfinding Project (and Unity in general) so I hope my question is not too stupid, I spent a few days trying to find a solution in the forums and tutorials with no luck.

So the thing is: I’m making a Top down game using Tiled2Unity to create the maps then using A* Pathfinding I tried to generate a Gridgraph from the imported map and was surprised at how quick and problem-free everything went. Then, since it seemed that I had quite a lot of unused nodes and my maps are going to have quite a big size, I tried to create a Navmesh Graph instead. I’m using the Free version of the projects and from what I understood it isn’t possible to generate the graph automatically. In the “Get started part 2” tutorial in this webpage they suggest to use Blender to model the Navmesh. Since my game is 2D using a tool like Blender to generate the Navmesh seems a bit like overkilling but I can’t seem to find any alternatives.

So my question is: how can I generate/model a Navmesh in this situation? Or shall I just stick to the Gridgraph?

Any help would be much appreciated. I’ll keep looking for a solution and share it here if I find one :grin:


I think a grid graph is a better fit for your game since it is tile based after all. Grid graphs are very well suited for tile based games.

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Ok, it makes sense :smile:
Thank you for your time!
This is an awesome tool