Navmesh generation

Hi to all!
I want to use A* PP for my TPS.
To Use the Navmesh graph how do I generate the navmesh? Is there a way in the package to do that? I saw in the Navmesh Example, instructions to drag and drop the navmesh which was pre-made, from another folder. Do I do this using the Unity Navmesh baking method? and then save the navmesh out. Never done anything like this so some help would be appreciated.


Sorry for the late answer.
The pro version has the recast graph, which uses a similar baking approach to Unity’s navmesh system.

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Thanks for the answer.
I am using the pro version.
So I load the recast graph, bake the navmesh, save it and use it for other scenarios, right?

You just use the recast graph. You don’t have to save it anywhere necessarily.

The recast graph does not recognize the staircase I have but the Navmesh graph does.

  1. My staircase is built with standard sizes(10 inches high and 10 inches wide) but the recast graph ignores it when finding the walkable area but the Navmesh graph recognizes it. What do you think the problem is?
  2. Can I use two graphs on the same map.
  3. If I do. then how do I bridge them so that the player can walk on all unhindered?

The navmesh graph doesn’t really detect anything in the scene at all. It just uses the data from the given mesh as-is.

If you can show a screenshot of the issue that would help.

  1. Yes. Though I would not recommend it since it’s more work to connect the graphs using off-mesh links.