NavMesh cut on NavMesh graphs?

Hi, I modeled a huge NavMesh, created a big NavMesh graph, pathfinding just works fine.
Also created a NavMesh Cut object, but no any cut is taking place at runtime.

It this something that works with Recast graphs only? Or should I hook up something beyond create a GameObject with a NavMesh Cut component?

I cannot use Recast, as it can’t recast the whole terrain with the desired accuracy (out of memory, I tried every optimization option back and forth). Using premodeled NavMesh just blazing fast.

I just cannot give it any obstacle.


Sorry, at the moment navmesh cuts are for recast graphs only.

if it runs out of memory with the recast graphs, I recommend that you try enabling tiling on it. That will reduce the memory requirements since it will recalculate each tile separately (it also improves navmesh cut performance).

You can trick the recast graph to take a precalculated mesh, there is another thread in the forum about it (search for it).

In the future I want to merge the recast and navmesh graphs into a single graph to be able to handle this.

Yap, sounds promising. Graph conversion meant to be the next question.
Can you give me some pointers on how to do it? Or the discussion at least?

Great, and blazing fast framework anyway. Keep up the amazing work.


Something like this:

TileHandler handler;
Mesh thenavmesh;

public void Start () {
handler = new TileHandler(;
TileHandler.TileType tp = handler.RegisterTileType ( thenavmesh, new Int3(0,0,0) );
handler.LoadTile ( tp, 0, 0, 0, 0);

The navmesh should have its origin at the center of the graph.

Sorry I don’t have a working example, but that is because I have not actually done this myself, but I have done similar things for another game I am working on so I know the system works.

Is this something that is totally independent of Recast graph parameters? Probably.
Great support as well, thanks again.

Wow, it basicly works, only transform issues I have to work around.
Probably I create a component that converts the given GameObject (with Transform and Mesh) to a Recast graph. Gonna check back with the results.

Fine! It took a while finding that helper emitting NavmeshCut updates, but it works like a charm now.