Navmesh Cut JIT-compiler Preload

On first object placed with a Navmesh Cut I am having a large fps spike. On subsequent placements everything is fine.

On forum search I was able to find the following info -
“Make sure you do not measure just the first time this happens. The first time any cut is done, the JIT-compiler will have to compile all the cutting code which will take some extra time.
The first time a cut happens on my computer it takes 20 ms, but subsequent times it only takes around 2.5 ms.”

I was wondering if this is still is the case, and if so, if there was any good way to force a preload of this stuff. I guess I can just place the first object during a loading screen, but I’m wondering if there was a more elegant solution.

Thanks for the help!


Sorry, the JIT is kinda out of the programmers control. The best solution is to, as you also mention, make sure the code runs in some way by for example adding an object during the loading screen.