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Navmesh Cut issue on 3 dimensional Navmesh

Hi, Alon,

I am trying to cut out a hole on the 3 dimensional Navmesh (which is basically modified cylinder) but when I run the game, it changes my Navmesh in weird way. I’m using the most recent beta btw.

the selected box has Navemesh Cut script on it

when I run the game, the navmesh looks like this.

do you know is there any way to get around this issue?

Please let me know!


I’m afraid it is not possible to use navmesh cutting on navmesh graph that does not have a well-defined up direction. The cutting algorithm relies on having a consistent up direction and cannot really work without it. You can use a graph update to make individual nodes unwalkable however.

Hey Aron,

Thank you for quick reply! :slight_smile:
I actually trying that graph update method but sometime the agents are walking over the unwalkable area, especially when they are densely close to each other. Is there any way to force them outside of unwalkable area?

I tried this constrain inside graph check box but this has weird problem that make them teleport into random area.

Please let me know your thought!