NavMesh area penalties

If I understand correctly, the nodes in a NavMesh are the vertices of the mesh and the connections are the edges of the triangles. So, using a GUO or similar, I think I can set the penalties tags and walkability of the nodes/verts, correct?

Can I set the same for the triangle and/or it’s edges, similar to Unity’s navmesh area costs?

I guess a more general question is - can edges/connections be assigned penalties or walkability?


Edge costs can be modified, however currently this is only possible through code.

One option is something like this:

using UnityEngine;
using Pathfinding;

public class MyGUO : GraphUpdateObject {
	public override void Apply (GraphNode node) {
		var meshNode = node as TriangleMeshNode;
		if (meshNode == null) return;
		for (int i = 0; i < meshNode.connections.Length; i++) {
			var conn = meshNode.connections[i];
			conn.cost *= 2;
			meshNode.connections[i] = conn;

which you can use like

public void Start () {
	MyGUO guo = new MyGUO();
	guo.bounds = new Bounds(,*10);;

This will double the cost of all connections for the nodes inside that bounding box.

Excellent, that’ll work! Thank you.

Hmm, helpful, but not exactly what I want - is there a way to assign a penalty for crossing a triangle?

  • (edit) ah - if I think I am missing an important concept - the nodes are the triangles themselves, not the vertices of the triangles.