NavMesh above terrain layer


I am having some troubles getting my navmesh to generate properly on a terrain object.

I have noticed that the navgraph (blue) will randomly have higher Y height in areas, instead of being completely flush with the terrain.
What can I do to control this and make sure the navmesh hugs the terrain?

As you can see , the graph misses this obstacle block that is flush with the terrain, and is somehow below the nav graph

Additionally, I am getting some really patchy weird areas,
any advice on generating the best nav graphs with complex terrain would be greatly appreciated!

These are my settings, and Ive tried playing with the slope heights, etc, but I cant get it to do what I want.

Thanks for your advice

Heres the tree colliders

not sure why theres such massive gaps around it

This seems to be the best I can get it,
lowering the Walkable climb seemed to get the mesh flat to the terrain now

Cant seem to get rid of these giant patches though

I got it.
Turns out the sub LODS on the trees were set to the obstacle layer, not just the collider parent.
So the raycasts were hitting all the leaves etc

This is looking much better now,
but would appreciate any other advice if you had some

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Did you fully solve this? I have this scenario a lot. If you make dips in the terrain that are too deep and span the tiles in such a way that the nav mesh can’t be close to the terrain then the AI stop navigating.