Navigating with Different 2D Colliders

Is it possible to change the shape of the collider for obstacle avoidance on a per-game object basis? It seems like A* Pathfinding detects obstacles around the moving NPC as a sphere, and that this setting is done in the A* game object, so it’s universal for all NPCs.

For example, I have a 2D sprite that’s using pathfinding to navigate the scene. This NPC uses a Box Collider 2D that is 1 unit wide by 2 units tall. Can I have a rectangular collider instead of a circular one with this NPC?

Secondly, can I have differently-sized colliders for individual NPCs? If one NPC is 1 x 2 units, and the second NPC is 3 x 4 units, can I tailor the collision detection to each of them?


Navigation with units that are not approximately circular is not something that is supported by this package unfortunately as doing that (and rotations are supported) requires a huge chunk of extra complexity as the system needs to take into account the orientation of the character.

You can create multiple graphs with different collision sizes though.