Navigating smoothly across orthogonal surfaces

Hello, I want my agents to navigate on the surface of a 3D object. For example a cube: I want to move from one corner of the cube to the opposite corner, traversing surfaces of different orientation, avoiding obstacles. Is this possible in the A* package?

An equivalent example would be getting an insect to cross a surface, then climb over a vertical wall where the wall has obstacles on it, then continue on the other side of the wall. I don’t want to wall to be treated as a “step”.

Thanks in advance! - ian


Yes, with some caveats. You can read more about it in the beta documentation: Spherical Worlds - A* Pathfinding Project

Thank you very much. I have fetched the beta version and am testing it.

I got some errors relating to the NUnit DLL on Unity 2022.3.14 but after a restart they went away.

Thanks - ian